Camping Bremontier - Le Grand Crohot Océan

DuneLe Grand Crohot Natural Secrets

Cycle trackLe Grand Crohot is located at the end of a road which finishes there. There is thus no passage if they are not the daily visitors who come to enjoy the superb white sand beach famous for his extent and his quality.

Nested in the middle of a superb pines forest and surrounded by dunes which form a genuine protective shield, Le Grand Crohot is a place with share, far from the agitation of the tourist stations of the coast.

In the evening you will fall asleep with the sound of the wind in the branches of the trees and in the morning you will awake with the noise of the waves and the Ocean.

A place preserved, ideal to spend natural holidays!

Basin of ArcachonLocated at cross of the ways, a whole network of cycle tracks makes it possible to go almost anywhere very easily, and take benefits from the basin of Arcachon and the Cap Ferret. You will be able to leave in the morning by bicycle and visit the Cap Ferret, to do one strolls in the small-train, to taste oysters and to take the boat to Arcachon. All within the same day!

The cycle tracks are traced in the middle of the forest, and each course is an occasion to enjoy the fabulous landscape of pines and dunes, while never hearing the least noise of car.

The network of the cycle tracks is consultable: here.

Discover virgin beaches as far as the eye can see

Le Grand Crohot beachAfter a turn, you will discover a small way which will carry out you on a virgin beach of any visitor, then you will be able to contemplate the magic of the Ocean, its colors and its tides.

The beach of Le Grand Crohot is supervised during the estival period, thus guaranteeing a stay without concern to you.