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Arcachon Basin Introduction

DuneLe Bassin d'Arcachon (Arcachon Basin)

Peninsula of the Cape TagTo discover the basin of Arcachon here some bonds towards interesting sites:

- Lege Cap Ferret Town hall Official website
- Lege Cap Ferret tourism office website
- Bsin of Arcachon Oysters producers website
- The Arcachonnais boatmen website to visit the basin by the sea
- General information on Lege Cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret is a wild place, wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the basin of Arcachon.

With the basin you will be able to do many activities:
  • boats hirings,
  • guided tours and stroll in 'La pinasse' (traditional boat),
  • discovered banc d'arguin and les cabances tchanquées,
  • discovered oyster beds,
  • stroll in jetski,
  • having dinner with sea view,
  • take the small train which connects the basin to the ocean,
  • eat an ice cream on the pier in front of the dune du pyla,
  • visit the Cap Ferret headlight and many other things still!
The ideal place for your holidays!